There’s certainly one fundamental you don’t want to omit when preparing food – and that is avoiding kitchen hygiene. Whether you are at home or at your restaurant business, it is significant to always be cautious and exercise cleanliness best practices. There are a host of health-related concerns that may arise and could pose a severe risk to yourself and to customers. Below we discuss some of the most important tips you need to take into consideration when preparing food.

Simple hand hygiene

You’ve probably been told this a million times, yet simple oversights can lead to food contamination. Washing your hands may seem exhausting after every two or five minutes, but microscopic germs can be picked up easily and are the main causes of diseases and infections. According to a study conducted by Dettol in 2015, 58% of consumers believe that the simple act of washing their hands is pivotal.

As a restaurant that serves authentic Indian food in Durban North for over a decade, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. More so, we are fully compliant with the stringent health regulations enforced by the department of health (DOH). We have a clean bill of health on our entire establishment since inception.

Washing fruits and vegetables

Oftentimes thorough washing of fruits and vegetables is overlooked due to the presentation, neat packaging or the assumption that a quick rinse is sufficient. Our kitchen staff leave nothing to chance. This is vital as fruits and vegetables contain more germs and bacteria, having being touched by a number of people while shopping – trying to select the “best” ones. For restaurants this is particularly important as they tend to purchase in bulk, meaning that from the time of harvest right up to final use in the preparation of meals there is room for contamination.

Our staff members prepare food daily, including a wide range of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. Apart from general hygiene, items need to be kept as fresh as possible. Perishables like fruit and veg have to be refrigerated at the right temperature and must be used within specified time periods, and if not have to be properly disposed off. We prepare a host of dishes, including snacks and desserts that include fruits and vegetables. Our personnel have systems in place to ensure that ingredients such as these are properly stored, washed and prepared for cooking or use.

Cook properly

When it comes to some bacteria, such as Salmonella, all it takes is 15 to 20 cells in undercooked food to cause food poisoning. And just a tiny taste of food with botulism toxin can cause paralysis and even worse, death. It is very important to follow correct instructions when cooking your food. At Jaipur Palace we consider optimum kitchen hygiene to be a fundamental when cooking. Apart from compliance, on ethical and service-related grounds we strive to ensure that meals are not only tantalisingly prepared – they are also prepared and served with hygiene and cleanliness as a standard requirement.

Over the years of servicing the local community as well as visitors or tourists, our experience while catering in Durban has allowed us to appreciate the significance of consistently providing quality food and embracing the highest benchmarks of food safety.


It is always important to keep raw meat, poultry, and fish away from other foods so they don’t contaminate them, or vice versa. Plus, they have to be kept as fresh as possible. For example, glass storage containers especially manufactured for this purpose are ideal. These have the benefit of being easy to check the contents as well as properties such as being microwavable and more eco-friendly. Other techniques and storage best practices include keeping food in air-tight packages in the freezer to prevent freezer burn, which degrades the quality of food.

As a leading restaurant serving both a` la carte and buffets in Durban North we see it as our responsibility to be as thorough in the kitchen as we are with our end-service. This includes knowing the importance of hygiene when preparing food for customers. This extends from our core philosophy of placing customer needs as our top priority.

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